Sydney BMP values long-term partnerships built on transparency, openness and honesty.
We are passionate about changing the face of the building management industry through integrity and trust.

Our mission

To improve the value of your community by providing leading building and facilities management solutions creating a harmonious environment for occupants to live and work where assets are well maintained and values increase.

Our values

Our values are what define us as a company and determine how we approach our work from day to day.

We always act in an honest, fair and professional manner when carrying out our role. We believe in radical transparency and pride ourselves on being open books in how we carry out our tasks.

Our goal is to always exceed our clients’ expectations by adding value and analysing information at hand. We never take things at face value. We proactively provide advice and feedback to assist stakeholders in their decision making. We act efficiently by ensuring we get the job done right the first time and work together to achieve common goals.

We take pride in our work and our conduct. We seek out ways to continue to improve ourselves, our services, our processes and to remain up to date with the latest technology. We own our mistakes in order to learn and grow.

We seek to act sustainably and promote environmental efficiency through our actions in conducting business and the processes in which we run buildings.