Processes and Systems

Proven processes and systems

We take great pride in the processes and systems we have developed. Each part of the process ensures that the service our people provide is reliable, effective and transparent.

Daily and fortnightly building inspections are conducted using a systematic format. We are proactive in identifying and attending to repairs before they become an issue. Each fortnight a building performance review is conducted with the building assessed against the above building criteria and a score of 1-3 is provided for each category. This provides a building performance score.

We utilise the most current technology running a paperless office with cloud-based operational and building management systems. Our technology includes a dedicated building website and app-based user interface to ensure the availability of information, communication and interaction with tenants and owners.

We brand our service offering to your building. We provide a dedicated building domain and website for your site, including a branded email address and dedicated phone number to the building manager. We also provide concierge, cleaning and building management personnel in branded uniforms.

We keep you abreast of the work we do with regular, proactive and consistent updates.

We set follow-up meetings frequently to ensure matters are not forgotten and that tasks are pushed along.